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Game Development

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Game Previews Coming This Week!


Okay everyone! I’ve been stretching myself between different hats I’ve had to wear this week, but screenshots and further updates on the latest will be coming this week! The newest and unique set of air hockey games is soon to reveal itself!

On another note, I’ve always wondered why other people would go on their blog and post this kind of update. It seemed to kinda ring with a sense of self importance and was a waste of time. Being on the other end of this, I get more of a feeling for why it’s done.

Keeping yourself accountable in what you do is so important, both to yourself and others, especially when it comes to your goals. Posting progress, or none in this case lol, feeds you a sense of urgency and keeps you on track of your goal. The more you do it, the more steam you’ll have to complete something. On the other hand, staying quiet can lead to some stagnation that worse than waiting in line at the DMV.

And so, this experience has changed me to be much more frequent with my posts. Change the topics, create new habits, create sample code……anything that will keep me on track on moving forward. So get ready interwebs! Here comes content you won’t dare to write.

So, what do you think ?