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Game Development

Bringing The Games You Want

Getting back to business


It’s amazing how much willpower it can take to stay on track with making a game. I’ve been working on several projects over the past few months, and through circumstances and situations, I’ve prolonged the release of my newest titles. But no more! The most functional one I’ve been working on completing is a mixture between air hockey and a puzzle game. I’ve always been down to play some air hockey, but I loved the concept of bumper hockey. For those that are scratching their heads, bumper hockey is air hockey with (you guessed it) bumper laid out along the track. It was in the popular for just a short while in the 90’s, so I’m just old enough to remember it. I thought this added a really interesting twist to the game. It meant you had to think of a way to use the environment to score your goal. So I’m bringing this O’l throwback on the mobile device as an obstacle course. More to come later!

So, what do you think ?