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Game Development

Bringing The Games You Want

So there’s been some work goin on in the lab for a few months now and we’ve been crankin out games like mad men! One of our games, Monkey Math Blast, we be available to play at the Winter Expo in Boston! See here: http://www.playcrafting.com/event-detail/?event_id=14558931155


I finally got a hold of the new beta of xCode with their Swift language. It looks very promising and easy to learn. Here is some quick code I did to make a network call and translate it to an array of items. Here is a snippet of the code. Can’t wait to see how Swift can improve the iOS development sphere.

View Source Code Here 


Making Some Progress!

So here’s the awaited screenshot. Just take a look at that beauty! This was taken during one night n development while constructing the premise for what will be the air hockey obstacle course. You’ll have to maneuver through bumpers, oscillating walls, and friction filled areas to get to your goal. Stay tuned for more updates!


Game Previews Coming This Week!

Okay everyone! I’ve been stretching myself between different hats I’ve had to wear this week, but screenshots and further updates on the latest will be coming this week! The newest and unique set of air hockey games is soon to reveal itself! On another note, I’ve always wondered why other people would go on their […]


Getting back to business

It’s amazing how much willpower it can take to stay on track with making a game. I’ve been working on several projects over the past few months, and through circumstances and situations, I’ve prolonged the release of my newest titles. But no more! The most functional one I’ve been working on completing is a mixture […]


Hello World!

Yes. Every developer should start with a hello world post. I’ll be going more into the mind of the developer and developer related problems as I tackle on the fine life of an indie game developer. We’ll talk recent events, interesting topics, why that girl in at my job got so fat. Everything. Hopefully, I […]